When this website was first put up it was only done for personal use for sanity’s sake. Without no deliberate intentions it leaked out and tens of thousands of views were recorded.

As time went on, the LORD’s face was sought on what to do with the website and an ever-so-clear “leave it” was given. Just like with King David, the Fountain of Life’s sins could not be buried, but had to be exposed. Without the sins being exposed, healing would never be able to take place in the future.

There were many who stuck with the Fountain of Life Center through the years of Ichabod, ignoring the guilt and lashing out against the righteous who exposed it. This led to many years of the departure of the glory of the LORD as was prophesied. The proof was the spinning of their wheels in the mud. No matter what the AG hierarchy tried, things went nowhere. What a shame, because years were lost along with the souls that could of been won. But at least the AG hierarchy achieved their most precious goal of diverting and laundering the monies that were gained by their illegal tax lien rigging which they pleaded guilty to in Federal court.

Fast forward to the morning of January 1, 2017. While in prayer, the LORD’s voice broke through with an ever-so-clear “time to move the website to private” so the public can no longer view it. Without knowing anything about the present condition of the Fountain of Life Center (Burlington NJ Assembly of God), the LORD’s voice was heeded. Two days later while driving by the church’s marquee, it was learned at the exact moment this website went private, a new head pastor was taking the reigns and was preaching his first sermon. There are no coincidences with the LORD. Our God is making it clear that it is not only a time for new beginnings, but it is also a time for reconciliations and hugs. It is not a good thing to stand in the way of what the LORD wants to achieve!

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